Solutions for Responsible Horse Owners

Cumberland Valley Equine Service is proud to offer routine equine veterinary care, 24 hour emergency care as well as some specialized treatments that are not offered by other local veterinarians.  Dr Kraybill is also dedicated to remaining a sole practitioner. What does this mean for you? It means that every single time you have a question, or an emergency regarding your horse, you will always get Dr Kraybill, and not be passed off to either an associate or another veterinarian that is not familiar with you, your horse and your horses care. 

Dr Kraybill also offers services such as :
Custom Wellness Programs
Digital Ultrasound
Digital radiography ( X Rays )
PreSale / Pre Purchase Exams
Artificial Insemination, including frozen semen
Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy
Stem Cell Therapy
Internal Medicine
Micro Chip Identification
Cancer Chemotherapy
Motorized Dentistry and Digital Dental
Imaging / Radiography
Standing and recumbent Surgery

Equine Reproduction

We LOVE babies!!  And we're good at broodmare ultrasound, artificial insemination/frozen semen, infertility diagnostics combined with good relationships with the best regional academic theriogenologists make CVES your best choice for getting your mare in foal.

Equine Podiatry

Dr Robert Kraybill also has an intense interest in the horse's foot: Podiatry. Correct farrier work on your horse is not only important , it can be lifesaving. We strive to include your farrier in the diagnostic imaging processes needed to manage foot lameness and promote a team effort to get your horse past a foot problem.